The NFL Draft Ruined a Bunch of Bachelorette Parties in Nashville and I Can’t Stop Laughing

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Ok, sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

As everybody in the world knows, the NFL Draft is taking place in Nashville this week. The city has been busy for weeks building stages, shutting down roads, and basically making it a nightmare for anybody trying to get around downtown. Between the draft and the Music City Marathon, an estimated 300,000 people from all over the country are in town this weekend. On just the first day of the draft, Broadway was packed shoulder-to-shoulder for at least 5 full blocks.

The draft is expected to bring millions of dollars to Music City, not counting the exposure that Nashville will receive from hosting the largest event in the city’s history.

But that’s not the best thing about the draft being in Nashville. No, THIS is the best thing about the draft being in Nashville:

Apparently, a bunch of bachelorette parties made plans to be in Nashville this weekend without realizing that the draft was going to be in town. Now, some of bachelorette parties were taking the unexpected changes to their plans in stride. It’s just a bigger party, right?

Well, according to one bachelorette, it’s “like, the worst.”

“It just changes, like, the crowd, like, what you’re here for, like, I don’t want to hang out with a bunch of football guys.”

Oh, the humanity. How can you have a bachelorette party when you’re surrounded by a bunch of football guys? You can’t even take a pedal tavern down Broadway for everyone to notice you!

Now, despite the fact that this bachelorette party said they just found out about the draft three days ago, Nashville was announced as the host city on May 23, 2018 – almost a full year ago. And even if you don’t care about football, don’t you think you would notice the ridiculous prices for hotels and Airbnbs, or even do a quick Google search to find out what’s going on in the city that weekend? It’s not like Nashville was keeping this event a secret to spring on you when you landed. If your bachelorette party was ruined by a bunch of football guys because you couldn’t be bothered to do your research, that’s on you.

There are a few people I have sympathy for here though. Obviously, the husbands, who are never going to get to watch football again without hearing their wives bitch about the time the NFL Draft LITERALLY RUINED their bachelorette party. And the maids-of-honor, who are probably getting the brunt of the anger and might be free on the weekend of the wedding now, all because of their piss-poor planning skills.

But for the most part, I can’t get enough of this. Inject it into my veins.

Bachelorette parties are taking over downtown Nashville. You can’t drive around downtown without getting behind a pedal tavern full of bachelorettes blasting 90’s NSYNC, and you can’t go to karaoke without seeing a group of girls on stage shrieking the words to “Gunpowder and Lead.” So excuse me if I don’t have much sympathy for a few woo-girls being put out by the biggest event in the city’s history.

Like the rest of Nashville, I’ll be over here laughing my ass off – and avoiding downtown at all costs.

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