The World’s First All-Electric Ford Bronco Looks Straight Out Of The Future

As soon as we start colonizing Mars, this seems like the perfect vehicle to put in every garage.

The good folks at ZeroLabs just debuted the world’s first 100% all-electric Ford Bronco and it’s a helluva site to behold. Using more than 1,000 original parts, the ZeroLabs Bronco stays true to the classic Bronco from 1966 while, at the same time, swapping out the engine for a 369 horsepower electric motor and 70kWh battery with a 190-mile range.

From ZeroLabs:

“Our premium classic electric vehicles are handcrafted to show car quality seamlessly powered by a covert all-electric drive system. They are designed to be low maintenance, environment-friendly, at superior luxury and refinement. Our goal is to offer everything you love, minus everything you hate. To be enjoyed now and well into the future.”

Only a 150 of the first-edition models are going to be made, so secure that reservation now.

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