Nashville Debuts First-Ever “Mass Casualty Ambubus” Ahead Of NFL Draft Weekend… Wait, What?

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Ahead of the NFL Draft in Nashville this weekend, along with the Nashville Marathon, Jimmy Buffet concert and more, Nashville is looking at its single biggest weekend in city history. They’re expecting nearly 350,000 people to visit the city in one weekend.

However, with the unfortunate reality of the times we’re living in, the more people squeezed into one place means a greater opportunity for great violence. With that, the Nashville Fire Department has debuted it’s first-ever “Mass Casualty Ambubus,” and yeah, it even says “Mass Casualty Transport” in the side. Eerie.

“Mass casualty, even though that’s a scary word, we’ve done that,” says Nashville fire chief William Swann. “For us, it’s just about being prepared. And that’s what this is.”

Don’t get me wrong, you have to be prepared for the absolute worst, and God-forbid they would ever even have to use it, but this big reveal makes me incredibly uneasy about even attending. Can’t I just assume you have all the necessary parts put in place to respond to a tragic attack, without the unsettling reminder? Without the celebration?

I prefer Nashville Traffic’s lighthearted humor. Oh, and btw, you can knock of another 20K for the Preds game… that won’t be happening.

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A beer bottle on a dock