Crazy Video Shows Stallion Killed By Mare During Mating Attempt

Holy shit – this is heartbreaking, and totally insane. Also, it didn’t need to happen.

A YouTube videos shows a stallion being killed by a mare in a split second as handlers tried to set them up for mating. ALL the comments from people knowledgeable about this process point out just how piss poor this entire situation was, and how clueless the handlers were.

The uploader PIN warrior said:


This mare kills stallion with one kick. This was not the proper way to breed both these horses. It’s sad to see. but please take this video as a learning experience. This is a perfect example of what not to do when breeding 2 horses! This is obviously an accident. I am sure the owner did not want his 30 thousand dollar horse to be killed! A total accident and mistake! Proper ways of breeding a horse is to tie down your mare before the stallion get any place near the mare! Please view and share and subscribe. Thank you for checking out the video.”

See it for yourself.

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