Wade Bowen Captures Magic Of Rowdy Live Show In New “Fell In Love On Whiskey” Video

Live action.

After recovering from vocal surgery this past year, he wanted his next music video to honor his return to the stage. With that, director Jordan Thiem put the fans front and center using live performance footage from various shows in Bowen’s new “Fell In Love On Whiskey” video.

“When you have something you love that’s almost taken away from you, you definitely learn to appreciate it even more. I was really uncertain whether I’d ever be able to sing again,” Bowen tells Rolling Stone. “We released the album in February, then I started having some issues around the end of March. It was a critical time for me to be out, but I obviously didn’t have a choice. The doctor wanted me to be out for longer, but I just told him, “Hey, look, I’m broke. I gotta go work.”

Great to have you back on stage Wade.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock