Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Great At Racing Cars & Really, Really BAD At Shotgunning Beers


A little rusty eh Dale?

Earlier this week, NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer stopped by Dale Jr.’s podcast to talk everything from racing to partying, and everything in between. Prior to the recording, Dale joked on Twitter about shotgunning some pre-podcast beers (which is coincidentally how we like to start our podcast Whiskey Riff Raff) and Clint has happy to oblige.

Turns out… Jr. wasn’t serious, so Clint found somebody that was, AKA, his wife.

“Hey, Junior! Finally found somebody man enough to shotgun a beer with me because you wouldn’t on that radio deal we were doing. Thanks a lot.”

Dale followed up with own shotgun video, and I have to say… it was pretty painful.

Look, I love Jr. His Uber rating rant was one of my all-time favorite Twitter threads, his legacy on the track speaks for itself, and he’s just an all-around good dude. That being said, what the fuck kind of shotgun was that? Clint could’ve done two in the amount of time it took you finish that. Hell, even his wife kicked your ass. Granted you got yourself a Bud Heavy, but still, that was ROUGH.

Better practice up next time you get in front of a camera and shotgun a beer my friend.

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock