Whose Cover Of Chris Stapleton’s “Whiskey & You” Is The Best?

Many people may not actually know this, but Chris Stapleton’s song “Whiskey and You,” written by Chris himself and Lee Thomas Miller, was originally recorded by Tim McGraw and appeared on his album Let It Go in 2007.

“I always thought it was one of the better songs I had been a part of so I decided to play it out. Over time it became a song that I was rarely allowed to leave the stage without singing. We went through several versions of recording this song until I finally decided it was best to present it in its original form: me, a guitar and one microphone.” – Chris Stapleton

Quite a few different people have covered it, but nobody can top Chris Stapleton’s version on this one. The rawness in his voice and the way he hits every note will always make his songs cut a little deeper. Imagine recording a song Stapleton wrote and getting a demo of him singing it… that’s got to be intimidating.

Maybe the better question is, besides Chris Stapleton, whose version of “Whiskey & You” is the best?

Tim McGraw

Aaron Lewis

Jason Eady

Dillon Carmichael

And, of course, Chris Stapleton.

I just want someone to look at me the way Kix looks at Chris playing this song.

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