TGI Fridays Introduces ‘Game Of Thrones’ Margarita For A Whopping $10

A glass of liquid with strawberries and a person's hand

Ummmm have we learned nothing from Applebee’s?

TGI Friday is taking a page out of the Applebee’s playbook with a fun cocktail inspired by Game Of Thrones, but what they forgot to do was drop the price to a humble dollar. It’s no secret that Applebee’s is having a major resurgence and it’s 100%, unquestionably due to one single reason… dollar drinks. Nobody cares that they taste like shit, it’s booze and it’s a dollar. That’s what puts asses in the seats.

TGI McFunsters over here is claiming their new DroGo Big ‘Rita is ginormous (why they put it up next to the shaker) but you’re not fooling anybody with a $10 price tag. Even if this was 5 bucks, I could get 5 of them at Applebee’s for the same price.

Fuck outta my face with this.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock