Dax Shepard Will Continue To Guest Star In ‘The Ranch’

Dax Shepard talking to a man

It’s official, Dax Shepard will be sticking around for Part 7 of the popular Netflix series The Ranch.

Ever since the departure of Rooster, the show has been in a limbo of sorts. Reports came out that Season 4 (Parts 7 & 8) would be the final season, but of course, other reports came out saying that the shows actors originally signed on for 5 years so who knows, Netflix has yet to confirm anything.

What we do know is that Dax Shepard stepped in to fill Rooster’s shoes and will continue to do so into the next season. According to the Post BulletinShepard will be working two jobs, both on the set of The Ranch and his new show Bless This Mess. 

“Working on both projects has been a big adjustment for Shepard as the TV work he has done in the past, such as “Parenthood,” was shot with a single camera. “The Ranch” — starring Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott — films on a soundstage using multiple cameras.”

With the premiere of the new show, and him being a co-producer, people weren’t sure if Dax would be returning for this next season. Look like he will be.

What do you think? Happy to have Dax back or do you miss Rooster? Let us know in the comments.

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