Aaron Watson Drops Two New Songs From Upcoming Album, ‘Red Bandana’

When it comes to independent country artists, Aaron Watson has been an absolute powerhouse.

He’ll continue his indie dominance with the July 21st release of his upcoming album Red Bandana, a 20-song project penned solely by Watson himself. It would be the first mainstream country album in over a decade to be entirely authored by one person, the last being Alan Jackson’s Good Time in 2008.

Red Bandana is the album I’ve been working towards my entire career,” says Watson. “There are 20 songs and they represent each of the 20 years I’ve been blessed to play shows and make Country Music. I wanted to give my incredible fans something more, a complete musical experience combined with poetry and cinematic moments — I even recorded the sound of my Grandmother’s wind chimes, the fuzz of my Dad’s AM radio and the rattle of the train that passes by my ranch — and can’t wait for everyone to hear the full record from start to finish.”

Today, he dropped “To Be The Moon” and “Trying Like The Devil.”

“To Be The Moon”

“Trying Like The Devil”

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