Mickey Guyton (One Of The Most Underrated Artists In Country Music) Calls Out Racist P.O.S.

Mickey Guyton is hands down one of the most talented artists in all of country music.

The powerhouse vocalist performed alongside Carrie Underwood at the ACM’s this past weekend, and as always, she absolutely killed it. Earlier today unfortunately, she shared a blood-boiling, racist comment from some no-name piece of shit on Instagram, a sobering reminder for some of us that aren’t used to seeing it… racism is alive and well in America. Of course, Mickey called them out with pure class, reminding us all how much words can hurt somebody, and encouraging her fans to pray for this persons clearly troubled heart.

“I don’t normally do this but if people only knew how much your words affect people. It hurts. Pray for this person’s heart.”

Pure cowardice, blindly spewing ignorance and hatred from behind an anonymous Instagram account. There’s absolutely no room for this kind of shit in our world.

Watch this performance of “Better Than You Left Me,” and tell me you don’t have chills right now.

Absolutely, one of the most underrated in the business. Let’s change that.

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