Jack Daniel’s Finally Ready To Launch “No. 27 Gold” In The United States


Originally launched back in 2013 as a limited-edition label, Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey takes their classic Old No. 7 recipe, but then is aged twice and charcoal mellowed in maple barrels to be incredibly smooth, with a rich, warm finish. It has only available in select markets around the world, especially in Asia, however this April, they’re finally bringing it to the United States.

“The product has been greatly successful. It quickly became a favorite of anyone who’s tried it. And so, with that success we’ve continued to focus on it and hopefully grow it. And bring it here in the U.S.,” Chris Fletcher, Jack Daniel’s Assistant Master Distiller, tells Forbes.

At a suggested retail price of $99.00, this ain’t no every day whiskey, but if you got a special occasion on the horizon, you might want to grab yourself a bottle.

I mean, have you ever seen a better looking bottle of whiskey?

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