Casey Donahew’s “Bad Guy” Is For Every Guy That Can’t Get Their Sh*t Together… & Knows It

Self-awareness is highly underrated these days. Casey Donahew’s new, rather heartbreaking, “Bad Guy” paints the picture of a guy that’s complete shit, but at least he’s well aware of his own shortcomings. Hopefully, there’s brighter days around the corner…

“Maybe I’m just a bad guy, I don’t know why, but you’ll curse the day we met / I’ll be your downfall till it’s last call, and I’m not coming home to you / And I’ll break everything you love and make you cry, ‘Cause, baby, I’m just a bad guy.”

The only thing worse than this guy is a guy that acts the exact same way, but has convinced himself that he’s still a pretty good guy. If that’s you, maybe give this one a listen and take a hard look in the mirror. Maybe that used to be you and you’ve found your way to greener pastures, cheers to that. Either way, it’s one damn good country song.

Casey’s upcoming album, One Light Town, is set to drop on July 26th, however when fans pre-order, they get 7 new tracks including “Bad Guy.”

God blessed Texas. Men’s and Women’s available are available here.

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