Big & Rich Introduced As “Gender-Bending, Multi-Platinum, Superstars” At Predators Game

This might get ol’ John kicked off of Fox News. I kid… everybody relax.

It’s become customary for a music star to sing the Star Spangled Banner at Predator playoff games in recent years, and during last night’s Game 1 matchup against Dallas, Big & Rich got the call. They also got quite the introduction…

“These gender-bending, multi-platinum superstars, took the music scene by storm and never looked back…please welcome Big & Rich.”

We can all safely assume the announcer meant to say “genre,” but still, doesn’t mean it’s not funny. Also, since when are Big & Rich genre-bending superstars anyway? And, why are they singing the national anthem? Not exactly known to be two vocal powerhouses, nobody else in town was available? I have so many questions…

And yet, the most satisfying part of this whole ordeal is that the Predators lost, at home, to the Stars.

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