People Are Offended By Natty Light’s “Study. Sleep. Natty. Repeat.” Ad Because Of Course They Are

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Another day, another non-story for people to get offended by.

Dover, New Hampshire’s Youth 2 Youth program has a noble cause as they are an after-school drug-prevention program for young kids. However, they became upset at Natty Light’s advertising in a grocery store, saying it was targeting underage drinking with the slogan:

Study. Sleep. Natty. Repeat.

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Uh, YA THINK? WHO ELSE IS DRINKING NATTY LIGHT? MY DAD SURE ISN’T. MY GRANDPA ISN’T. YOUR MOM ISN’T. THE 25-year-old gals going to the club sure the fuck aren’t.

I might drink it on a summer day, but that’s not the point.

Natty Light is a drink for college kids, that will not change. The same way the sun comes up, and goes down, college kids are going to drink themselves stupid with Natty. It’s nature. It’s the world. It will not change.


Anheuser-Bush denied the claims, and said they’ve invested $1 billion in programs that help prevent underage drinking and drunk driving according to CBS.

Man, I need a beer…

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