Go Fishing And Get Drunk with Jack Daniel’s Soaked Gummy Worms

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Look around, people.

There are fancy brands starting to sell alcohol infused gummy snacks, at a premium price. Why not just make this stuff yourself, AND make it way stronger (for way cheaper)? That’s why I’m here to help.

Enough with the little gummy bears, let’s country it up and make some Jack Daniel’s soaked gummy worms. Best part? Super easy, and yes, it will get your drunk. Think about the next time you’re out fishing, and need a snack, but also a nice buzz. You have the 90’s country playing. You pop a handful of whiskey gummy worms, and boom – “I SAW THE LIGHT, I’VE BEEN BAPTIZED…” These will be your new fishing buddy, trust me.

What you’ll need:

– pack of your favorite gummy worms (stick to a regular-style. no weird flavors, or sour ones)

– a container/Tupperware

– a bottle of Jack Daniel’s (or other favorite whiskey)

How to make them:

– Empty the gummy worms into your container or Tupperware. It should be fairly deep, allowing you to mix when needed.

– Empty the Jack Daniel’s into the container, until the whiskey just covers the top of the gummy worms.

– Mix well, put the lid on, and place in the fridge. Every day, take out the gummy worms and give them a good mix around. Allow for the gummy worms to soak for 3-5 days. They’ll nearly double in size. Once they’re how you like them, remove, and enjoy.

They seem innocent enough, but they will get your drunk. Go ahead and try it.

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* image by SunnyToys / Shutterstock.com

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock