Ingrid Andress Delivers Heartfelt Family Ballad, “More Hearts Than Mine”

You want to write songs? This is how it’s done.

Co-written alongside Sam Ellis and Derrick Southerland, “More Hearts Than Mine,” was inspired by Ingrid’s real-life experience of growing up in a large family.

“It’s hard to put into words how much I love my family. I have never been good at expressing my emotions, but all of my true feelings come out when I write songs,” says Andress. As someone who usually has thick skin, I hate to admit that it took me a second to stop crying when I was recording this one. My family is a sacred part of my life that I will always protect; they shaped who I am, and this song is for them. ‘More Hearts Than Mine’ is my story, but I hope you hear your own story in it too.”

Country music needs more of this.

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A beer bottle on a dock