Eric F**KING Church Is Putting On The Tour Of The F**KING Year

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Some of you already know what I’m about to say.

If you listen the podcast, follow us on Twitter or any other social media outlet, read our content, you know what we think of Eric Church.

He’s our #1.

He’s also putting on the tour of the fucking year with his Double Down Tour.

We talk about it often, but I felt the need to put this in writing as well. I want any fan reading this who has yet to see Eric live to go make that happen. I can say, without a doubt, it will be the best money you ever spent on a concert.

We just saw him in Chicago a couple weeks ago, and like every weekend, he played for over three hours, well over 30 songs, two sets, no opener. He needs no opener. Let me repeat, he’s doing this every weekend for two shows.

As I always preach, the trait that draws me to an artist most is authenticity. With authenticity comes a connection through the music, and the live performance, that you can’t fake. It’s you and Eric, yet it’s also you and the entire crowd as one, and Eric. Everyone feels the magic that’s happening in that venue every weekend.

He leaves every last drop of sweat and passion on that stage every night, and no two shows are the same.

He might cover Eminem in Detroit…

Or Shania in Toronto with the always amazing Joanna Cotten…

Or, he’ll give you a classic, like Keith Whitley’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes”…

He’s going to play his biggest hits, his deep cuts, the fan-favorites, and unreleased songs all while having the crowd in the palm of his hand. When you see Eric live for the first time you leave saying to yourself “Oh, I get it now.”

You realize what it means to see a true artist, a true entertainer, a true master at his craft. Don’t get it twisted, there is no live show like it. You will not find energy in a room like this. You will not leave another concert with this same feeling.

If you’ve been to one of these shows – go to another. If you haven’t, you know what to do.

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A beer bottle on a dock