Aaron Watson Was The Sole Writer For All 20 Songs On New Album, “Red Bandana”

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Aaron Watson released the full track list for his upcoming album, Red Bandana (June 21), and he’s the sole writer on every single song.

This is the first mainstream country album in over a decade to be entirely authored by one person, having last occurred with Alan Jackson’s Good Time (2008).

I’m lookin’ forward to this one.

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Red Bandana Full Track List

Written By: Aaron Watson

Produced By: Aaron Watson and Jordan Lehning

1) “Ghost Of Guy Clark”
2) “El Comienzo Del Viaje”
3) “Dark Horse”
4) “Heartstrings”
5) “Old Friend”
6) “Kiss That Girl Goodbye”
7) “Country Radio”
8) “Legends”
9) “Am I Amarillo”
10) “Blood Brothers”
11) “Live Or Die Trying”
12) “Riding With Red”
13) “Red Bandana”
14) “Trying Like The Devil”
15) “Home Sweet Home”
16) “Burn Em Down”
17) “Shake A Heartache”
18) “You On My Hands”
19) “To Be The Moon”
20) “58”

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