Two Hillbillies Arrested For Shooting Each Other With Bulletproof Vests On After Getting Drunk On Back Porch

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Just chillin’ on the back porch in Arkansas.

Two guys, Christopher Hicks, 36, and Charles Eugene Ferris, 50, were arrested on aggravated assault charges after they got drunk on a back porch, put on bulletproof vests, and took turns shooting each other.

Sounds like a good ol’ time.

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Police took a statement from Ferris at the hospital, who was trying to cover for Hicks.

After both stories kept changing, the two were arrested and charged. Apparently Ferris got “pissed” when he was shot and it hurt, so he unloaded the clip into the back of Hicks – this according to KFSM.

Here’s a great example of something you would do drunk, but never dream of doing when you’ve smoked too much weed.

Just a couple of drunk country dudes being dudes, I guess.

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