12 Songs To Remind You You’re Not The Only One Somewhere Between Jack Daniel’s and Jesus

I have a confession: I’m lost somewhere between Jack Daniels and Jesus. Hell, my Sunday morning self wouldn’t even recognize my Saturday night self most of the time.

I know I’ve lived a little left of living right and I’ve been to church with a hangover more times than I care to admit. And then there were the Sunday mornings when there was no way I was even going to make it to church after what I did on Saturday night.

The struggle is real, but we can all take a little comfort in knowing that we’re not the only ones. That’s what I love about country music. No matter what I’m struggling with, no matter what I’m going through, I know there are songs out there that I can relate to. Songs that remind me that I’m not the only one, and songs that remind me that it’s going to be ok.

Here’s 12 songs to remind you that you’re not alone in the struggle between your Saturday night and your Sunday morning, that struggle between Jack Daniel’s and Jesus.

“Jesus and Jack Daniels” – Justin Moore

I’m a little hell yeah, I’m a little hallelujah. If there’s a stool or a pew I might sit down next to ya.

“One Wing in the Fire” – Trent Tomlinson

He’s never led the Benediction. He’s never sang in the choir. But he’s an angel with no halo, and one wing in the fire.

“Just As I Am” – Brantley Gilbert

May this bottle be the body, and this bourbon be the blood. If I pour it out will you take my offering, give me the strength to never pick it up.

 “Send It On Down” – Lee Ann Womack 

Jesus can you save me… Oh if you got something won’t you send it on down. While I’m still able to be found.

“Experts On Sin” – Erik Dylan 

Jesus he was a wine man and I prefer gin… You could saw we was both, experts on sin.

“Jesus & Jones” – Trace Adkins

“Only heaven knows where I fit in between Jesus and Jones”

“In Between” – Scotty McCreery

I ain’t all holy water, and I ain’t all Jim Beam. I’m somewhere in between.

“Pray to Jesus” – Brandy Clark

So we pray to Jesus, and we play the lotto.

“Whiskey on My Breath” – Love & Theft

No I ain’t afraid of dying, but what scares me to death is meeting Jesus with whiskey on my breath.

“Heart Like Mine” – Miranda Lambert

He could calm a storm and heal the blind, and I bet he’d understand a heart like mine.

“Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace” – Big & Rich

Somewhere between raising hell and amazing grace is a place I keep finding myself. Yeah I get a little crazy trying to have a little fun then I end up back where I started from.

“Jack Daniels and Jesus” – Chase Rice

I’ve got my strength, and Lord knows I’ve got my weakness. I’m lost somewhere between Jack Daniels and Jesus

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock