Phil Mickelson Gave Jake Owen $100 & Told Him To “Go F*ck Himself” After Jake Confronted Him On “Sh*tty” Golf Game

Gotta love some trash talk.

Jake stopped by Barstool’s ForePlay podcast the yesterday and ended up telling a crazy story about the time he ran into Phil Mickelson at fellow pro golfer Jordan Spieth’s wedding this past November.

According to Jake, who is buddies with Spieth, he had a few cocktails and confronted Phil about his shitty play during a pay-per-view event against Tiger Woods the previous day.

“I was like, ‘Hey, Phil, you owe me fucking $29.99 for wasting four hours of my life with the shittiest golf I’ve ever seen. I want my $29.99 back and fucking apologize to me for some shitty golf.”

That’s when Phil pulled a $100 bill out of his pocket and told Jake he won 90,000 of them yesterday.

“Take one of these and go fuck yourself.”

Truth be told, Jake and Phil are actually pretty good friends and it was all in good fun, but still… DAMN.

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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