Florida Couple Has Tailgate Wedding Ceremony and Luke Combs’ “Beautiful Crazy” As Their Song

You already knew this was Florida, I didn’t even have to tell you.

A Florida couple is making headlines for their insanely awesome redneck wedding at the Redneck Mud Park in Punta Gorda, Florida. With Luke Combs’s “Beautiful Crazy” in the background (we told you it was going to be a wedding song), the couple exchanged vows in the bed of a pickup truck with the bride donning a white lacy bikini and the groom, a pair of denim overalls.

Ahrielle and Jeremy Biddle, told ABC News that they initially met at the Trucks Gone Wild Spring Break event so it was only fitting that they return there to say “I do.”

“Everything doesn’t have to be so fancy and in the end, everybody always loves each other,” Ahrielle Biddle told the TV station.

Now, the couple is currently saving up for a “redneck honeymoon,” with the help of their new fans on GoFundMe.

“Since our recent redneck wedding has gone viral, I thought I would reach out to our fans to help me give my beautiful bride the honeymoon she deserves,” wrote Jeremy. “She really wants to go jeeping in the Colorado Rockies. Please help me make her dream come true.”

As a guy that’s about to drop WAY too much money on his own wedding next year, this sounds like a pretty damn good idea to me. Only in Florida…

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