Jägermeister-Filled Chocolate Creme Eggs Are Here Just In Time For Easter

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Looking for Easter egg hunt of the big kids? Look no further.

What originally began as an April Fool’s Day joke back in 2016 has finally become a reality the release of the Jäger Egg, a Jägermeister-filled chocolate creme egg.

According to Tim Hawley, Innovation Controller at Jägermeister, “the last three years we’ve been inundated with customers demanding the Jäger Egg, we’ve had everything from desperate DM’s to pleading phone calls. It’s personally kept me up at night thinking about all those people tossing and turning, dreaming of the Jäger Egg that never was – so this is for them.”

The Jäger Egg is pretty much a classic Cadbury egg with a splash of Jägermeister in the center, however the company only made 250 in this initial batch. With Easter being almost a month away, there’s plenty of time for them to make more. As of right now, they are only sold in the official Jägermeister online store.

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