The Rock Is One Step Closer To Launching His Tequila Brand & We Can’t Wait

Dwayne Johnson standing next to a display of liquor bottles

Get ready people.

The Rock apparently spent the entire weekend taste testing tequila for the new brand that he is developing and we couldn’t be more excited. I also spent most of the weekend drinking tequila, but not in the name of science, or business, more in name of a damn good time at the Whiskey Myers concert.

While I am pretty partial to tequilas made by guys named “George,” I’m more than willing to support just about anything the rock does… especially, tequila.

“Cheers (again & again;) Spent all weekend taste testing every batch of my new tequila fresh out of our barrels from Mexico. I’m very passionate about my new tequila we’re developing. It’s been years in the making and every road has led here. Lots of growing excitement. Mana, passion, positivity, hard work and fun. This ones for you world, let’s have a drink.” 

Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock