Some High-End Fashion Brand Is Selling Denim Panties For The Bat-Sh*t Crazy Price Of $315

What in the literal fuck?

A high-fashion brand in Paris is selling denim panties for the extremely reasonable price of $315.00. Yeah, for the same price as a flight to California, you can buy these God-awful, ugly as fuck, uncomfortable, taint-chaffing, denim drawers from some asshole in France that thinks this is art. Get rid of it.

Made by Y/Project for some company that I’ve never heard of called SSENSE, these people actually have the audacity to say this in their Instagram caption:

“Two words: Denim panties. The SSENSE editors show you five ways to take your Canadian tuxedo to the next level.”

Huh? More like two words: denim diaper. But hey, at least they have pockets…

Two more words: Fuck off.

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