Party At Applebee’s This April With $1 Strawberry Margaritas, Featuring A Twizzlers Straw

A glass of red liquid with ice and strawberries

As the months roll on by, I mean shit, we’re already in April, Applebee’s continues to raise its stock prices simply by featuring a new drink special each month for the low, low price of $1.

And, oh how glorious it has been.

This month, Applebee’s is welcoming the spring with a $1 strawberry margarita, AKA the Dollarita, that comes with a Twizzlers straw. That’s right people, for a buck you can get their new strawberry margarita with the very Instagramable red Twizzler straw and then for just 5 more bucks you can get 5 more of them. Just make sure to bring a wheelbarrow so your friends can carry you out of there.

“Applebee’s is all about providing a fun, memorable experience with friends,” Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s, said in a press release. “Sippin’ on a STRAWBERRY DOLLARITA through a strawberry-flavored TWIZZLERS straw is just about the coolest and most exciting way to drink a margarita. No question about it.”

Looking to blackout on budget? Look no further.

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