Randy Rogers Band Honors Guy Clark With Cover Of “Hell Bent On A Heartache”

Randy Rogers Band is gearing up to release their 8th studio album, Hellebent, a nod to fellow Texan, Guy Clark.

Not only were they inspired in name, they covered Clark’s “Hell Bent On A Heartache” for the album.

“Guy Clark is one of my all-time heroes and if I could write one song as good as any of his, man,” Rogers tells Billboard. “That’s how I’ve always felt about him, and I got to know him a little bit when he was with us and I’ve written songs with him. I’ve just always been a super fan. I couldn’t even talk to him when I was around him because I was so nervous.”

“It’s very much in our fabric, being from Texas, Guy Clark and his songs and his songwriting. I wanted to showcase that,” he explains. “I just loved the song and I had an idea that we could turn it into a tempo” says Rogers of the song. Written by Clark, alongside Chris and Morgane Stapleton, “Hell Bent On A Heartache” was released on Clark’s 2013 My Favorite Picture of You album.

Hellebent is set to hit shelves on April 26th.

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