Nashville Strip Club Will No Longer Play Cardi B After She Admitted To Robbing Men

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People tend to have poor perceptions of strip clubs.

However, Nashville’s own Deja Vu is out here changing the game.

Earlier this year, they were offering jobs to any furloughed government workers, and I know you’re thinking, we’re talking about a stripper job, but it was more than that. They were looking for door guys, servers and other staff as well. Really doing they’re part, you know? Then, for the entire month of February, they were hosting weddings at their space for FREE. That’s right, Deja Vu was getting people hitched, solely for the sake of love, not a profit. Like I said, really doing their part to make Nashville a better place.

And now, in the wake of Cardi B’s confession that she used to drug and rob men back in her stripper days, Deja Vu has removed all Cardi B songs from their playlist.

“This is simply not acceptable in our club. We work very hard to overcome negative stereotypes associated with our industry and continuing to play Cardi B’s music in our club sends the wrong message to our entertainers and our guests,” said Déjà vu’s General Manager and Vice President Michael Durham.

Respect. But, that’s just business as usual for your friendly neighborhood strip joint.

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