Jake Owen & Kid Rock Dish Out Some Perspective In New “Grass Is Always Greener” Collab

“The grass is always greener in somebody else’s joint.”

Wise words from Jake Owen and Sir Bob Ritchie AKA, Kid Rock.

“I had the opportunity of doing a song on this record with Kid Rock, who is the ultimate rock star, and when he came to the studio, he amped it up to a whole other level,” said Jake in an interview with iHeart Radio.

“I expected him, being the rock star, to come in and just do his thing or whatever, but he was firing all of us up. He was saying like, ‘Let’s go. You know, this is a big deal. Like, we’re not just making music here, we’re making history.’ So, thanks, Kid, for adding a spark to this album. You definitely brought a light to it that is forever grateful for, and the song, ‘The Grass is Always Greener,’ is probably my second, if not my favorite song on the album.”

Good stuff.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock