This Ice Cream Bar Was Created To Cure Your Hangover & I Need It

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Where has this been all my life?

Apparently, in South Korea.

A few years ago, the South Korean convenient store chain, Withme FS, introduced this new ice cream bar specifically designed to alleviate those nagging hangover symptoms. The Gyeondyo-bar, which literally translates to “hang in there,” is made with grapefruit and oriental raisin-tree juice, an old-school Korean hangover cure. According to Reuters, a 2012 article in the Journal of Neuroscience found oriental raisin tree extract reduced symptoms of intoxication in rats.

Think its about time I book that trip to South Korea. Just imagine me walking through customs…

Customs: “Sir, do you have any food items that you would like to declare?”

Me: “Only this 1/2 ton pallet of hangover-curing ice cream pops.”

h/t: Delish

Cover photo via Shutterstock

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A beer bottle on a dock