Natty Light Will Pay Off $50,000 Of Student Loans To Student With The Best Natty Sign

A person holding a sign

Natty out here doing the Lord’s work.

After all, college kids spent their hard-earned (government-borrowed) dollars on Natty Light, the least Natty could do is return the favor. As part of their College Debt Relief Program, Natty is committed to giving away $10,000,000 over the next 10 years towards your student debt. Yeah, literally changing the world.

And, with March Madness upon us, Natty is getting into the mix with their new #NATTYSIGN campaign to help pay down the college debt for one lucky 21+ fan with the most creative and attention-grabbing sign.

If you want to score $50,000 towards your student loans, all you have to do is create a sign with your total amount of college debt, the Natural Light green dollar-sign tab, and #NATTYSIGN and send that photo via direct message to Natural Light Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, of yourself with the sign at a sporting event, and include #NattySign and #NattyContest. The contest runs until April 8th.

Easy peasy. As a law-school dropout with a shit-load of student debt myself, you can’t afford not to participate.

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