Domino’s Launches Hot Dog Stuffed-Crust Pizza & I’m Not Mad At It

A person holding a pizza


At first glance, hot dog pizza sounds pretty disgusting. We’re talking a hot dog stuffed-crust pizza with a more hot dog slices on top. But after careful evaluation, looking at a few pictures, and thinking about for all of two minutes… I have determined that I’m 100% SOLD.

Hot dogs? Good. Pizza? Good. Hot dog pizza? GOOD. What’s the problem?

Problem is, this only appears to available in France at the moment. It’s almost like they thought to themselves, “what’s the most American thing we can put on this very American style pizza” and they did it. Hell, for all I know this is one giant troll job so all the French people can scoff at the American tourists that go to France and order Domino’s, but hey, if you’re on vacation in France and order Domino’s, you probably should be laughed at. They’re also offering a burger pizza and hot dog calzone as well.

All that being said, look at this thing. Not bad amirite?

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A beer bottle on a dock