Dogfish Head Releases New Beer That Can Actually Develop Film & They’re Making A Movie With It

Beer. It taste great, gets you drunk, what else do you need?

“Well, it would sure be great if I could develop film in it,” said nobody ever.

Dogfish Head: Hold my beer….

Believe it or not, the good people of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery just announced their new SuperEIGHT Super Gosh, a beer that can actually develop Super 8 movie film.

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“At 5.3% ABV, this super refreshing, sessionable Super Gose is a unique beer made with eight heroic ingredients including prickly pear, mango, boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, kiwi juices and a touch of quinoa, along with an ample addition of Hawaiian sea salt. Brimming with hard-working ingredients, SuperEIGHT was brewed to harness the powerful goodness of all-natural fruits. It’s fresh, it’s delicious, and it’s releasing nationally in 6-pack 12 oz. cans this time next week. Vibrant red in color, this Super Gose has a slightly tart taste and pleasantly refreshing finish, with delicious flavors of berries and watermelon.”

Sounds great, but that’s not all.

While on Kodak’s podcast, Dogfish Head founder and CEO Sam Calagione learned that acidity and vitamin C in certain beers make it possible to actually develop film in them. With that, Sam had an idea to brew a beer specifically designed to process Kodak Super 8 film, which they did, but what’s more, they’re actually going to make a short film using SuperEIGHT.

Pretty fucking cool eh?

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock