Revisiting Eric Church’s ‘Carolina’ Album On Its 10th Anniversary

How has it been 10 years already?

For some reason it doesn’t feel like Eric Church has been around long enough for his second album to be celebrating its 10th anniversary, but, Carolina came out on March 24, 2009, so what better time to revisit some of the best songs from the album than right now?

“Smoke a Little Smoke”

It’s kind of incredible that a song about pot became a hit on country radio in 2009. But here we are, 10 years later, and “Smoke a Little Smoke” is still a fan favorite at his live shows.

“Longer Gone”

This has always been one of my personal favorite Church songs. It’s a feel-good song about heartbreak, one that’s got a groove that’s different from the other songs on the album. Impossible to sit still when this song comes on.

“Those I’ve Loved”

Maybe one of Eric Church’s most emotional songs, “Those I’ve Loved” pays tribute to all those people who have helped to get you where you are today. Such a powerful message and an incredible song.

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Thank You, North Carolina. I Love You. Chief.

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“Lotta Boot Left to Fill”

Eric Church has never been shy about speaking his mind, whether it’s in interviews or in his music. And on this one, he called out “pretty boys actin’ tough” who still “got a lotta boot left to fill.” Some people even speculated that he was calling out Jason Aldean and his song “Johnny Cash,” although Church denied that the line was a shot at Aldean. Either way, it’s a badass song from somebody who’s done a damn good job filling those boots.

“Where She Told Me to Go”

One of Eric Church’s all-time most underrated songs. The pain and regret as he sings about winding up “where she told me to go” just hits you hard. For somebody with such a tough-guy, embracing that outlaw image, Eric Church does a sad country song as well as anybody out there.


How could I leave this one out? As a whole, this album seemed more personal than his debut album, Sinners Like Me, but somehow it was just as relatable. Even if you’re not from the Carolinas, this song will still manage to take you back to wherever you’re from and have you longing for home.

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