Fake George Strait Account Tried To Scam Me So I Responded Using Only George Strait Song Titles

These fake artist accounts are getting out of control.

Unfortunately, every artist in country music has to deal with it, constantly reminding their fans to look for the blue check mark. It should be pretty simple, but unfortunately, it’s not. I recently had my first encounter with one of these scumbags and lucky for me and unlucky for him, I work in the world of country music and just so happen to know a thing or two about George Strait. Also, lucky for me and unlucky for him, I was half drunk and looking to kill some time.

Our imposter here, Georgestrait19, was looking to deliver a briefcase full of $30 million dollars and some valuable documents, you know, real Jason Bourne-type shit. But apparently, he needed a hand with the $300 delivery fee to ship said briefcase. All this money and important documents and somehow he got hung up on $300 bucks.

Anyways, me being well aware of the type of scams these clowns try and pull off, I decided to tangle with the fake King of Country Music himself, responding only in George Strait song titles. 32 song titles to be exact.

Here’s how it all went down.

Some flattering small talk, just to get him warmed up.

Here’s where the fun begins…

He gave up…

Thankfully, George has A LOT of songs. I could’ve went on for days with this guy.

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