Whiskey Riff Madness: Sturgill Simpson On Verge Of HUGE 2nd-Round Upset Against #1 Luke Bryan


There’s only about 6 hours left to vote in the Round of 32 and, unless we see a late-round miracle, we’re about to see some heavy hitters fall.

As of right now, some 62,000 votes in, we’re on the verge of losing two #1 seeds in monster upsets. #1 Carrie Underwood is almost 800 votes behind #8 Brooks & Dunn, and I know what you’re thinking, Brooks & Dunn is a powerhouse, but they split up and retired in 2009 with no new music until recently, and even their new stuff is re-cuts of old hits. Still, their Hall of Fame legacy lives on, and when pitted against a current country queen like Carrie Underwood, apparently, it’s no contest.

On the other side of the bracket, we have #1 Luke Bryan getting crushed as well by another #8 seed, Sturgill Simpson. This one simply comes down to subjective taste. If you love Sturgill, chances are you hate Luke, and if you love Luke, chances are you don’t even listen to Sturgill. There may be some, but overall, not many are going to fall somewhere in the middle. Either way, the people have spoken and unless Luke pulls off a huge comeback, it’s game over.

Tyler Childers continues his Cinderella run, Cody Johnson is about to send Keith Urban home in a pretty big upset, and Morgan Wallen and Randy Houser remain deadlocked in a second round fight to the finish.

Voting for the Round of 32 end tonight at 11:30pm CT, with Sweet Sixteen voting beginning on Wednesday, March 27th at 5:00am CT. And remember, you can vote every 5 minutes.

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