Naked Man Tries To Board Plane, Claims It Would Be “More Aerodynamic”

Meanwhile in Russia…

A named man was arrested at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport the other day claiming that his lack of clothes would make the plane more aerodynamic.

According to the Moscow Times, the man passed through the Ural Airlines flight’s security before he stripped off his clothes and took off running onto the jet bridge.

“He shouted that he was naked because clothing impairs the aerodynamics of the body. He flies with more agility when undressed,” said another passenger.

Nice try guy…

I get it, flying sucks. Maximizing comfort is absolutely essential, but if you’re going to try and board a plane buck-naked, you better have a better reason than “it makes you more aerodynamic.”

He was arrested and later sent to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

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A beer bottle on a dock