Tyler Childers DESTROYS Florida Georgia Line In The First Round Of Whiskey Riff Madness 2019


The people have spoken.

In a thrilling first-round upset, #13 Tyler Childers absolutely destroyed #4 Florida Georgia Line. I say thrilling, not because it was a close match up, it was never that close, but because of how thrilling it is for me to watch these two bozos lose to a guy like Tyler Childers. I’d even be willing to bet FGL never even heard of the guy that just handed them their ass.

With over 37,000 total votes in the tournament already, this is no small sample size, and maybe it says more about our audience than it does about country music as a whole, but to me, such a crushing defeat speaks volumes about the current state of country music and what the fans really want to hear.

We want talent, we want passion, we want authenticity, we want Tyler Childers.

The Round of 32 is currently underway. Make sure to vote for your favorite country artists to advance to the Sweet Sixteen, and remember, you can continue to vote every 5 minutes until Monday, March 25th at 11:30pm CT.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock