Drunk Guy Sneaks Onto School Bus Hoping It Would Drop Him Off Close To Home, Gets Arrested Instead

A boy standing next to a school bus

That didn’t go as planned.

A 20-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested after sneaking onto a school bus, hoping it would get him closer to home. A young kid became suspicious when he realized there was a 20-year-old drunk guy sitting behind him, thinking he probably wasn’t in the same grade.

According to CBS Philly, Dominic Herder was then located inside the school in the area of the gymnasium, and when he was confronted by the school resource officer and school administrators, he ran out of the school through the front doors. He was then caught after a brief foot chase in the parking lot.

Look, I get what this dude was doing, or thinking he was doing.  When you’re drunk a plan like this sounds brilliant. You think you’re a genius. Unfortunately, you’re just being a drunk asshat. Nice try, though.

He’s facing a trespass charge.

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