Taco Bell Sauce Saves A Man’s Life… AGAIN

A car parked in front of a store

Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, all great heroes of our time, but it’s Taco Bell sauce that’s actually out here saving lives.

Recently, we shared a story about an Oregon man that was stranded in a blizzard for five days, surviving on nothing but Taco Bell sauce packets for sustenance. He was rewarded with free Taco Bell for a full year. Totally worth it…

But more recently, a Florida man’s life was saved, yet again, by his love for Taco Bell sauce. According to police reports, a 77-year-old man accidentally drove right through the front of a Taco Bell restaurant in Winter Haven, Florida.

“Today (Saturday, March 16, 2019) at approximately 4:30 p.m., 77 year-old Emmanuel Akowuah (Chelmsford Rd New York) and his wife were parked in the parking spot immediately in front of Taco Bell located at 1799 3rd St SW getting ready to leave. Akowuah told authorities that he placed the car in reverse, but then back into drive. The vehicle jumped the curb and went into the building coming to a rest approximately ten feet inside of the building. The airbags did deploy, however neither occupants of the vehicle was injured. A customer who was in the restaurant initially had been in the exact spot as the crash, however he had gotten up to get more hot sauce just prior to the crash. The building sustained significant damage.”

Another man was sitting right by the window where the car came crashing through, but his love for more Taco Bell sauce forced him to leave his seat for more. At that very moment he was standing in front of that glorious sauce receptacle, strategically deciding on which of Taco Bell’s flavors he was going to consume his Cheesy Gordita Crunch with, the vehicle came crashing through, obliterating only an empty chair.

His life was spared. Taco Bell sauce, a hero, yet again.

“Not the hero America deserves, but the one it needs right now.”

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