Pabst Blue Ribbon Debuts New Whiskey That’s Literally “Aged 5 Seconds”

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We’ve been all aboard on PBR getting into the whiskey business ever since news broke that they received a federal label approval.

The label said “aged 5 seconds,” but as it turns out, Pabst’s new clear whiskey is literally aged for only 5 seconds. According to Esquirein an interview with Matt Bruhn, the general manager of Pabst, the “aged five seconds” was a way for the brand to get around the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau’s classification for what is whiskey and what constitutes moonshine.

“We wanted to launch this as a whiskey, because that’s what it is. But the TTB wouldn’t approve it, because it’s un-aged, right? You’ve got to call it a moonshine. I’m not calling it moonshine; it is not that, it is a crafted whiskey. They’re like, “You need to age it.” I go, “For how long?” And they went, “No determined amount of time. If it touches wood, it’s a whiskey.” We literally aged it in a barrel for five seconds so we have the ability to call it what it is, which is whiskey.”

The fellas at Pabst set out to create an unaged, craft whiskey and well hell if they didn’t do it. Look out this summer for Pabst Blue Ribbon Whiskey to hit shelves at a liquor store near you.

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You heard right, it’s Whiskey.

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Aged whiskey? Fuck that shit…

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Read full Esquire interview here.

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