7-Eleven Opens First Sit-Down Cafe In Texas, Has Beer & Wine On Tap

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Now granted, I liked 7-Eleven. I went there on Sunday when I was hungover to get a Dr Pepper because there’s nothing like Dr Pepper the day after a St. Paddy’s Day drinking binge. But that’s pretty much all you really go there for. Hangover drinks. Anyways, it appears as though 7-Eleven is shifting a little from the convenient store model with their latest grand opening. Maybe “shift” is putting it lightly… its a full-blown sit-down cafe.

According to Food & Wine, the flagship location is now testing in Dallas, Texas, features a barista with made-to-order coffee, juices, smoothies, and more, along with a bar that has wine, beer, kombucha, nitro cold brew, and teas on tap. It also features a place called “The Cellar,” stocked with a large selection of beer and wine for purchase. An in-house bakery, bulk snacks, a fro-yo and ice cream bar and, to top it all off, a fucking Laredo Taco Company… INSIDE.

We can expect to see six of these cafe-style 7-Elevens with locations in San Diego, CA and Washington, D.C. opening in the near future.

Bonkers… I mean, maybe just go to a bar or a Whole Foods, they do the same thing, except WAY better. Oh sorry, they don’t have a fucking Slurpee machine, what are you 8 years old?

Hard pass.

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A beer bottle on a dock