Billy Ray Cyrus Announces New Album ‘The SnakeDoctor Circus’

Billy Ray Cyrus wearing a hat

The duo that brought you “Achy Breaky Heart” is back.

Teaming up with longtime collaborator and songwriting mentor, Don Von Tress, Billy Ray Cyrus is getting ready to release another album. A concept album, The SnakeDoctor Circus, will be the 16th studio album of his 27 year career.

“The SnakeDoctor Circus album certainly has a lot to say and the music reflects all my influences. My goal has always been to make music that would touch people’s lives around the world. I’m excited about getting the music to the people,” Cyrus said.

The SnakeDoctor Circus is a very personal body of music for Billy Ray.  He poured his heart and soul into every note and we are happy to help present it to his passionate and adoring fan base,” said Jon Loba, EVP, BBR Music Group.

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