There’s A New Beer Your Dog Can Drink…So Let’s Day Drink

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Let’s get this out of the way first – no, there is no alcohol in these beers.

Good Boy Dog Beer is a company/beer started by a couple that gives your best friend (your dog) the opportunity to have a beer with ya. On their site, they explain:

Hi, my name is Megan Long. My husband, Steve Long,and I started Good Boy Dog Beer out of love for our own puppies and all the animals out there. My husband says I am slightly obsessed and just want to adopt anything with fur…I’m not completely disagreeing. Our oldest rottweiler, Rocky, is very sensitive to foods and allergies so we started creating him his own treats and managing his diet better. It helped his allergy outbreaks significantly and we just seemed to progress from there eventually starting our own line of beer for dogs. You can view our map to find it in many local pubs and stores or we will be available for ordering online very soon. Post those pics of your fur babies enjoying Good Boy Dog Beer. We definitely want to see them!

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The beers are meat, veggie, or peanut based.

The flavors are:

IPA lot in the yard

Mailman Malt Licker

Session Squirrel

Crotch Sniffin’ Ale

Ingredients, for example, include stuff like carrots, apples, green beans, celery, oranges, sweet potatoes, ginger, turmeric, mint, filtered water.

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Tip it on back with your best buddy this weekend. Check out their site for where you can find the beers, or order online.

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A beer bottle on a dock