“Bear Paw” Is The Craziest Drinking Game You’ve Never Heard Of

A bear holding a beer

Ready to drink your face off?

My favorite drinking game has always been drinking, but if you’re in the mood for something that will make the entire group unconscious, we have just the game for you.

Introducing Bear Paw.

Here’s what to do:

The “Bear Paw” begins with a pint glass of beer. Each player takes a sip and then passes the glass to the next player, but as each person takes a sip, he or she tops the beer off with vodka, or a liquor of your choice. Obviously, our comrades in Russia use vodka. By the time they have a pint glass full of pure alcohol, each sip is then replaced with beer… and so on, and so forth until the entire group is unconscious. It’s vicious and you’ll barely survive it, just like a bear paw to the face.

Cheers. And good luck.

A row of colorful cans

photo: David Rasmus / shutterstock.com

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock