The Rock Is Taste Testing More Tequila… Get Excited

A person holding a glass of liquid

I need it. NEED it.

For almost a year now, The Rock has been teasing this idea of launching his own line of tequila and since the get-go, we’ve been all about it. Like we’ve said before, George Clooney didn’t steer us wrong with Casamigos, George Strait’s Codigo is the best int he world, and we’re expecting kick ass the tequila game just like he kicks ass in life.

No news on a launch date or a name (Mana was the rumor), but we’re getting close.

“Test tasting a new batch of my tequila straight from our barrels in Mexico. My new brand of tequilas is a true passion venture for me that’s been years in the making. We’re almost there. Can’t wait to share it with you. This one’s for you, world… let’s have a drink.” 

He says “test tasting,” I prefer “taste testing,” to each their own.

Stay tuned…

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock