Kick Off Your Weekend With Maren Morris & Brothers Osborne’s New “All My Favorite People”

“Not everybody gets what we’re going through, But all my favorite people do.”

Maren Morris dropped her highly-anticipated new album Girl today, and one of the standouts is her duet with Brothers Osborne, “All My Favorite People Do.” Co-written with her husband Ryan Hurd, Maren tells iHeart Radio exactly how the song came to be:

“It was just such a fun day, because it’s such a not take yourself too seriously kind of party song. But it’s a really inclusive one. It’s not like you can’t come hang with us. It’s like, ‘No, we’re all the same, let’s celebrate that.'”

Of course, with a song title like “All My Favorite People,” you know Maren had to call up some friends for this one.

“Brothers Osborne, I’ve been friends with since six years ago when I moved to Nashville. They befriended me and made me feel so welcome in this town. So when it came to make this recording, I asked if they wanted to be a part of it. They came in and, you know, John Osborne, really only did one or two takes of his guitar solo. I mean, he had it in the first take, because he’s a virtuoso, but he killed it. And then TJ, his voice is so distinct and the second he starts singing, I get chills because of his baritone. And it just fit the song so perfectly. Those guys are the epitome of not taking yourself too seriously. And that’s what that song embodies. So, I had the best time in the studio with those guys.”

Good shit.

Read the full iHeart Radio interview here.

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