Dustin Lynch Continues To Push The Not So Good Boundaries With New Single “Ridin’ Roads”

If “Small Town Boy” had a sequel, it would be “Riding Roads.”

“It’s a song that makes so much sense for me,” he tells Billboard. “Writing with intention of what you know. ‘Ridin’ Roads’ is right down the lane of what this ‘Small Town Boy’ character says and does. This song fits that guy.”

The new single comes as part of a three-song Ridin’ Roads EP, which finds Lynch continuing to push the boundaries of the genre and experiment with his own sound.

“We have a lot more colors to paint with than we did on the first album,” Lynch says, hinting at the project’s mix of classic-country cool and edgy intensity. “I don’t think there are any more genre walls. It’s all about the lyric and the message, and we let the song steer us. If we dig it, we’ll take a chance.”

Man, I miss “Cowboys and Angels” Dustin Lynch…

Dustin will be hitting the road this summer in direct support of Thomas Rhett’s Very Hot Summer Tour, kicking off on May 17th in Spokane, Washington.

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