Austin Jenckes Releases “Fat Kid (Feat. Lori McKenna),” Powerful Lead Single From His Upcoming Album

Don’t sleep on Austin Jenckes people, he’s one of the most talented dudes in music right now. Lori McKenna, well, her résumé speaks for itself.

“Fat Kid” is the first single from Austin’s upcoming album If You Grew Up Like I Did. The album title comes from a lyric in the song, which was written by McKenna, Neil Mason of The Cadillac Three, and the late Andrew Dorff. Austin was the first person to hear the song and immediately connected with it.

“I’ve been wanting to put out a record that I could be proud of for a long time. “Fat Kid” is the first song I knew I wanted on this album. It’s a privilege to make music everyday and days like today remind me of why I love it so much. Thank you to all that breathed life into this song and to Neil Mason for believing in me.”

If You Grew Up Like I Did is set to drop on May 31st.

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